Remote Sensing

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is a passive system made up of sensing devices attached to radios that transmit the information back to a data collection center. Because of the flexibility and range (typically up to 30 miles) VHF/UHF radio systems are often used in environmental monitoring applications to create a turn-key system for real-time environmental monitoring. 

Pacific Crest offers environmental monitoring solutions compatible with most geophysical, meteorological, oceanographic, water, and agricultural monitoring systems that provide a robust and reliable communication solution for remote monitoring application requirements. Real-time environmental monitoring minimizes labor intensive remote site visits and physical retrieval of data collection.  It also facilitates the centralization of critical information allowing managers to schedule more accurately and efficiently.
Pacific Crest radios are designed to withstand harsh environments. A standard form factor and water tight enclosure allows the radio to easily mount to all tripods or poles for outside activities and brackets for inside enclosures for all land-based environmental monitoring. They have the physical and operational features that allow for easy installation on masts and buoys for offshore monitoring applications. Rugged design and reliability are built into all Pacific Crest radios making them the standard for environmental monitoring applications.

 Datasheet: Trimble TMR1 All Weather  (English)
 Datasheet: Trimble TMR1 Board Level  (English)

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