Remote Sensing

Pipeline Transmission Management

Pipelines are by far the most economical way to transport large quantities of water, oil, natural gas, and other liquids or gases over long distances. The material in the pipelines is kept in motion by pumping or compressor stations along the length of the pipes. Pipelines need to be continuously monitored for temperature, flow, and pressure. Monitoring equipment is mounted to points along the pipeline and measurements are fed back to a central control area. The data from this equipment can provide extended functionality to perform leak detection and location, batch tracking (liquid lines), pig tracking (for cleaning the lines), composition tracking, predictive modeling, look-ahead modeling, operator training and more.
Pacific Crest provides pipeline management solutions that are designed for real-time data analysis and management of the critical flow of information required to maintain the operation and integrity of a pipeline system. These rugged solutions are specifically engineered to withstand harsh environments and to operate flawlessly around the clock.

Radios from Pacific Crest are mounted along the pipeline and field data from sensors is continuously transmitted back to the main control room where it is recorded and analyzed. Providing information remotely allows greater productivity with measured savings to the bottom line. More informed decisions can be made more quickly when they are based on reliable data transmitting in real-time from the field. Pipeline management with radios from Pacific Crest provides a best-in-class solution for monitoring pipeline activities.

 Datasheet: Trimble TMR1 All Weather  (English)
 Datasheet: Trimble TMR1 Board Level  (English)


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